About The Clubhouse

Learning Without Walls

A Play Adventures Community School begins at the Play Adventures Clubhouse.

Our school is a family and community oriented home child care facility offering an outdoor experiential, early childhood education based on the most recent research supporting social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development​

Our Story

The Clubhouse started as a dream of our director, Naomi Sukenik, a passionate, tenacious play advocate with a background in special education. Her dream was to create a series of programs and opportunities for self directed play and exploration for children in the Central Valley. 


When COVID-19 struck, Naomi saw a new opportunity: one ​for a community school grounded in the latest research on childhood development and education. From this seed, our school grew into a supportive, non-judgmental, outdoor learning environment.


We build and support a strong community of families which are critically involved in the school operation. We provide a high-quality learning experience based in the most recent research about effective education methods, supporting the whole child and their social-emotional development as well as their academic learning. Through this school, we are excited to grow together. 


Meet The Team

Our non-judgmental, supportive staff recognize that young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities. It is our intention to train playworkers who analyze play experiences, interpret play cues, reflect on personal behaviors, and change environments to help create self-directed and free play opportunities for all children.

Naomi Sukenik

I am a passionate, tenacious play-advocate with a background in special education and outdoor informal learning using high ropes. I am a mom to three wonderful children who continuously remind me the importance of choice, independence and appreciation. I strive to reinforce the importance of a enriching childhood and specifically self-directed play.

Normalynn Ablao

As a mother with extensive teaching experience, I value the significance of fostering a child’s imagination and joy by creating a safe environment for exploration while helping them learn the effects of their choices. Providing an outdoor learning environment that also accommodates the child’s interest allows them to grow and develop in a grounded way that’s fundamental to their true essence. I’m excited to be the support they need to blossom exactly the way they want and to nurture their eagerness to learn as they expand. Through this, the child guides me and I guide them to be a self-empowered, compassionate person.

Kim Jarrett

I am a mother of two children with a background in Waldorf education. I believe that children need ample time to explore the outdoors, play and socialize. I believe that allowing our children to make mistakes and take risks are crucial for their learning and development.  An atmosphere that is conducive to learning does not include tables and worksheets but a child's personal interests and motivation. 

Volunteer with us

We are in need of some dedicated, responsible volunteers. We will give a mini training session on playwork, adventure playgrounds and play.

Come support kids play by being you!

We have multiple community events during the year and camps. 

Want to join our Play Team? 

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