'Create Your Adventure'

Weekly Summer Camp 

We are near to being full for most weeks! Contact soon for more information and to hold your spot!

Play Adventures will give your kids a unique camp experience! 
Due to Covid 19 our camps will only allow 14 participants per week.  All of our staff are fully vaccinated! Measures are in place to uphold to sanitary requirements, consistent hand washing and cleaning as well as temperature taking prior to entrance. We have successfully run a Covid- free pod all throughout the school year, taking precautions and CDC guidelines seriously. 
Play Adventures Camp Includes:
Self-directed play in an outdoor environment using loose parts with the delicate support of play workers, trained to see your children's play needs!
Due to heat we will have access to a lot of water play, mud play, shade building activities and more. **If heat is too intense we will take an indoor cooling off break with restful activities. 
Art projects will take place based on your child's interest & sometimes there will not be an end product!
When:  Weekly from June 7-July 2nd 
Full Day Only: (to keep participants exposed to less kids) 9:00 am-4:00 pm 
Where:  Play Adventures Clubhouse (My licensed backyard) 
Ages: 3-12 (flexible)
Full Day all week: $150

*Subsidized fees may be available. Email us for details at

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Your child will have the opportunity to:

  • learn to assess and take healthy risks

  • problem solve

  • practice life skills

  • socialize with a multi-age group

  • realize their strengths

  • connect with nature and

  • most importantly Play Their Way

Benefits of self directed play:

  • Gain Freedom – they will learn to assess risk and exercise control.

  • Social Interaction– they will learn from peers older and younger than them in a multi age setting.

  • Creativity– They will use their imagination with the loose parts available.

  • Problem Solve– the clubhouse is an ideal space to try out different ideas, theories, and strategies.

  • Environmental Cognitive Stimulation– they will spend time outdoors and appreciate immersion in its natural elements .

  • Self Discovery– they will explore a range of different versions of themselves, and take ownership of each one

  • Emotional Equilibrium– they will play as a cop-ing method to reduce anxiety, and also as a way to understand their feelings and those of others

  • FUN– playing is exciting and riveting!

** And as Always at Play Adventures... STEAM Happens! **

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