February 17-21

'Create Your Adventure'

Play Adventures will give your kids a unique camp experience! 

Play Adventures Camp Includes:

Self-directed play in an outdoor environment using loose parts with the delicate support of playworkers, trained to see your children's play needs!

Your child will have the opportunity to:

  • learn to assess and take healthy risks

  • problem solve

  • practice life skills

  • socialize with a multi-age group

  • realize their strengths

  • connect with nature and

  • most importantly Play Their Way

Benefits of self directed play:

Gain Freedom – they will learn to assess risk and exercise control.

• Social Interaction– they will learn from peers older and younger than them in a multi age setting.

• Creativity– They will use their imagination with the loose parts available.

• Problem Solve– the clubhouse is an ideal space to try out different ideas, theories, and strategies.

• Environmental Cognitive Stimulation– they will spend time outdoors and appreciate immersion in its natural           elements .

• Self Discovery– they will explore a range of different versions of themselves, and take ownership of each one

• Emotional Equilibrium– they will play as a cop-ing method to reduce anxiety, and also as a way to understand their feelings and those of others

• FUN– playing is exciting and riveting!

** And as Always at Play Adventures... STEAM Happens! **

When: February 17-21

Full Day: 9:00am-4:00pm (ext. hours may be available)

Half Day: 9:00am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4:00pm

Where: Applegate Park and Rossotti Center
Ages: 5-12 (flexible)


Half Day Drop in: $30

Full Day Drop in: $50

Half Day all week: $100

Full Day all week: $160

*Subsidized fees available, thanks to Merced City Parks and Recreation email us for details at

Between the hours of 2-4 pm your children will have the opportunity to learn screen printing, stamp making and more with our guest artist Sol Gonzalez Rivas. This is an optional experience for your children, since your children direct their own play! 

Class Description Printmaking: Since prehistoric times humans have made art using some sort of print; foot prints, finger prints, leaf prints, and stamps. In this class we will learn and explore all about them. Will learn how to make stamps and leave marks using different materials.

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