Covid 19

Health & Safety

Covid 19 Health and Safety

At the clubhouse we strictly rely on CDC guidelines to help better assess risks and make healthy and conscious decisions. We have not yet encountered any contracting of the virus within our group as we are all safe and conscious of our decisions. 


For Families:

  • Temperature checks for students at the door

  • Daily sign-in requiring verification that no one in the family unit has a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms to the signer’s knowledge

  • Hand-washing upon entrance, before and after eating, before and after specific close-contact activities, etc.

  • 14-day quarantine/closure if symptoms are discovered in a family 


For Hired Teachers/staff:

  • Temperature checks upon entering

  • Sign-in verifying that no one in your household has a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms to the signer’s knowledge

  • Hand-washing before and after activities, hand sanitizer before and after any contact

  • 6 ft distance whenever possible

  • Mask wearing while on premises/teaching



  • Wiping down surfaces and bathroom, multiple times during the day.

  • Sweep concrete

  • Get out and wipe down supplies and materials

  • Re-stock hand sanitizer and soap as needed.



  • All kids and staff will wash hands with soap and water prior and after eating

  • All surfaces will be cleansed prior and after eating

  • All food and cutlery will be brought by the child and not to be shared


Health and Safety outside of the Play Adventures Clubhouse


At the Clubhouse we will all agree to stay safe and considerate of the group. This means that we adhere to CDC guidelines, and sign a contract adhering that we will be:

  • wearing a mask in public,

  • washing our hands constantly,

  • adhering to physical distancing

  • masks at all times in indoor public/non-personal spaces

  • outdoor, physically distant socializing

  • If families with high risk individuals are part of this group please make sure that you understand completely the risks involved and take full responsibility for your choices and decisions.

  • During vacations, if you are seeing family you do not normally come in contact with a 7 day & a negative test result will be needed prior to returning to the clubhouse or a 10 day quarantine without showing any symptoms.



  • If you have been vaccinated we will take into consideration updated CDC guidelines reflecting best practice.