“[Children have a natural] zest for life, a drive to discover and create and re-create, a passion for discovery and invention to master the world, understand it, and experience it at first hand, to push the boundaries of the known and find out the flavor of newness. Watch children at play and you will see this in action.”

-Donald Winnicott

​0-2-Year Old - Me and My Supportive Adult

This environment will be separated for  children aged 0-2 along with their parents in a self-directed play environment with age appropriate natural loose parts, plenty of exploration possibilities and a supportive staff member to model child- led discovery. The playwork approach is built on respect for the child’s agenda, and in particular it regards play as having value in its own right, not just as a tool for children to achieve adult goals.” (Brown, 2014). Playworkers recognize that young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities.

3-5 Years Old Preschool Environment

A play-based outdoor model of education, utilizing natural materials and allowing journeys of physical and emotional discovery (instead of the traditional 19th century learning model) is a key component of allowing both neurotypical and neurologically divergent individuals to thrive in a non-competitive, self-directed environment. The very model of the school encourages rigorous, developmentally-appropriate physical activity and experiential learning, which a multitude of researchers have proven to be the most effective learning method for children 0-5.  We plan on expanding the school with an additional grade each year. August of 2022 we expect to open our Kindergarten too!

3-12 After School

'Letting our children self direct their own play based on their intrinsic motivation, their interests and passions allows children and adolescents to take advantage of this magical time.  Compensate the academic oriented school systems,  their need for social interaction after a year of social deficiency, the overwhelming use of screens with scheduling in time that is theirs. An outdoor environment where adults are trained to listen, respect and see your child for their full playing potential.  We know that by playing children learn and develop; they practice life skills, problem solve, resolve conflict, explore their strengths and learn about their weaknesses, interact with a multi age social group, try new things, create, build, innovate and destroy. The adventure playground morphs to your child's needs and the playworker are there to support those needs. Read more below about the origins of adventure playgrounds and what guides this philosophy. 

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