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Play Team Staff

Our non-judgmental, supportive staff recognize that young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities. It is our intention to train playworkers who analyze play experiences, interpret play cues, reflect on personal behaviors, and change environments to help create self-directed and free play opportunities for all children.
Naomi Sukenik

I am a passionate, tenacious play-advocate with a background in special education and outdoor informal learning using high ropes. I am a mom to three wonderful children who continuously remind me the importance of choice, independence and appreciation. I strive to reinforce the importance of a enriching childhood and specifically self-directed play.  

 Sofia Prado 

The philosophy behind play adventures resonates deeply with me and just makes sense. As a child I grew up climbing trees, sloshing around in mud and bringing home random animals. I know that the way I was raised has made me into the person I have become and I am so thankful I had the chance to learn and play independently in the ways I wanted. I believe every child should have a chance to learn, play and grow in their own way. Watching kids play, problem solve, make connections and engineer their own creations has been an amazing and fulfilling experience for me. 

Kim Jarrett

I am a mother of two children with a background in Waldorf education. I believe that children need ample time to explore the outdoors, play and socialize. I believe that allowing our children to make mistakes and take risks are crucial for their learning and development.  An atmosphere that is conducive to learning does not include tables and worksheets but a child's personal interests and motivation.