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Play Adventures Clubhouse

About the Clubhouse

At Play Adventures, children have opportunities to practice different scientific and social concepts; they learn to problem-solve, based on their own questions and initiatives. They learn to communicate with peers and resolve conflicts that arise in everyday life. They practice different STEAM concepts using the various materials that are available for them to manipulate.  The children learn about their strengths and weaknesses because we encourage them continuously to self-assess and take risks that they deem significant for their learning experiences.


We allow children a time and space for their curiosity to lead, giving them an abundance of time to experiment with what interests and motivates them in an environment conducive to exploration and learning. Most importantly, our trained Playworkers are supportive, non judgmental, and able to see children for their full potential.

Morning Play Adventures
Tuesday & Thursday monthly

9am-12pm membership$100
Drop In $15


Friday Home School
Exclusive Drop Off option 10-1pm

Ages 5 and Up (flexible)

Closed for the time being due to unforeseen bumps in the road. Stay tuned for a new grand opening date!
Have a Pineapple day!!
Create Your Adventure Camp

We had an amazing time!

See our blog about the camp- coming soon!

Next Camp coming up- Presidents Day Week- Keep updated for details!

Presidents Week Camp details coming soon!
Can't Wait!
Adventures Afterschool
Starting Soon!

M-F  3pm -6 pm

Weekly  $100

(One day per week for a month)

Bi Weekly $200

(two days per week for a month)

Monthly (M-F) $400

($100 Savings!!)

Ages 5- 12 (Flexible)

Closed for the time being due to unforeseen bumps in the road. Stay tuned for a new grand opening date!
Register early and secure your spot!
Holiday Special
The Gift of Play​

Give yourself and your children the gift of play! You can come relax, meet a friend drink some coffee in our PAC lounge are while your kids Play their Way with the support of our playworkers!

This limited time offer of a gift card giving 10 entries for the price of $120 (drop-in is usually $15 - that's a crazy SALE!)

Don't miss out while punch cards last!

Purchase at our Clubhouse during opening days and times-listed above!

Coming back soon!
The Gift of Play

PAC  Lounge

A space for community and play

While your children are playing you have the opportunity to sit and drink coffee with a friend, work at our collaborative work table with access to  free wifi connection, or have a snack. 

You may want to play with your children- this is welcome when your children are still young but we would remind you to let them lead.

Children over the age of 5 will have the support of our trained playworkers while you drop off, sit and catch up with a friend or work.

Want to use this space for a meeting/gathering/workshop?  When you're a member you can fill out the registration form during opening hours. 

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