Clubhouse Programs

0-5 Years Old: 'My Grown Up and Me'

October 5- November & February- June (mild weathered months)

This environment will be separated for  children aged 0-5, along with their supportive adult, in a self-directed play environment with age appropriate natural loose parts, plenty of exploration possibilities and a supportive staff member to model child- led discovery. The playwork approach is built on respect for the child’s agenda, and in particular it regards play as having value in its own right, not just as a tool for children to achieve adult goals.” (Brown, 2014). Playworkers recognize that young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities

Hours & Cost  & Info

  • Co-op style; Create an adult and child community for your family all while socializing outdoors!

  • Learn to let your children self- direct their own play and explore their worlds. 

  • Developmentally appropriate loose parts will be supplied for your children's investigation needs!

  • Only $3 per child for 52 glorious days for a total of $150- space is limited! Don't wait! Drop ins are $5 a visit. Thank You FIRST FIVE MERCED!

  • Free Monthly Workshops with free child care (i.e. Child Development, Play And Playwork, Storytelling, Taking Risks)! Takes place on the last Thursday of each month!

  • RSVP to our workshop sessions here for FREE with child care provided!!! What? That's crazy!! 

    When: Tuesdays and Thursdays; Time:  9:00-11:00am; Where: Bob Carpenter Park off of Silverado Dr. 

If you'd like to pay the fee upfront click payment below, if not we will collect on a day to day or monthly schedule based on your needs!

2-6 Years Old: Preschool-Kinder Forest Program 

Enrolment Open for August 2021 

Preschool Kinder 'Forest Program' is one of a kind. Children are encouraged to let their curiosities become the main aspect of their day. The environment changes based on their needs. We believe children are full of potential and capable of doing for themselves as well as making good decisions. This is the foundation to self confidence. Children come up with their own games, rules and problem solve dilemmas thus allowing concentration on their innate desires. Each child has their own pace allowing them to reach their potential at their time, when they are ready.  We hold four tenants to our academic and philosophical goals: I am Capable; I am part of the Environment; I am part of a culture; and  I am Curious. These tenants provide a strong foundation for self-discovery, conflict resolutions skills, connection to their environment, consciousness and respectful of others , builds confidence, and most importantly to practice their emotional and social skills for this stage of development.  

Sign Up through ACCESS to enjoy subsidized child care! For more information: ACCESS!

Full Day Only

Hours: 8:00 am-3:00 pm

Monthly Cost: $700

Registration Fee: $150 per child

Full Day + After School

Hours: 8:00 am - 5:30pm

Monthly Cost: $800

*Multi-age after-school program with 3-12 yr olds*

Part Time Option

Hours: 8:00 am - 3:00pm

Monthly Cost: 

2x weekly​= $400

3x weekly=$450

*part time spaces are limited

Enroll and then continue to payments to hold you spot!

3-12 Years Old: Clubhouse After School

Enrolment Open for August 2021 

Join us in our learning-rich, outdoor play environment, where adults are trained to listen, respect and see your child for their full potential.  We know that by playing, children learn and develop; they practice life skills, problem solve, resolve conflict, explore their strengths and learn about their weaknesses, interact with a multi-age social group, try new things, create, build, destroy, and innovate all over again. The adventure playground morphs to your child's needs; our playworkers are here to support your child's needs and explorations. 

Afterschool Only

Hours: 3:00pm -5:30 pm

Monthly Cost: $300 per month

Registration Fee: $150 per child

Afterschool Part Time

Hours: 3:00pm -5:30 pm

Monthly Cost:

2X Weekly= $215

3X Weekly=$240 

Registration Fee: $150 per child

Enroll and then continue to payments to hold you spot!




My Grown Up and Me

Tuesdays $ Thursdays

9:00-11:00 am

  1. Do I stay with my child or drop off?  You and your child participate together. This is an opportunity for you and your child to create a community. We offer guidance to you about the benefits of self directed play, a place to meet other parents with similar aged children  outdoors and your children have a chance to practice their social and communication skills.  We also offer workshops with child care included. 

  2. How do I pay for the program? The program is $3 a visit. We would love for you to come to all of the meetings! If you register now above, you can pay $150 for the entire year!!! Otherwise, we will discuss with you about your paying preference , as a weekly or monthly fee.

Forest Program

Monday - Friday

8:00 am-3:00 pm

  1. Do I need to pack my child a lunch and snacks? As of now,  pack your child with sufficient food for the day. Remember that playing outside takes a lot of energy so pack more than usual. We are looking into entering a food program that will allow us to  prepare meals for the children. 

  2. We love the outdoor program but what happens in extreme elements i.e. smoke, heat, rain? That is a great question! We offer our children to come with rain gear and change of clothes for wet and messy play. However, We will go inside when the heat is too extreme (over 100 degrees for a couple of hours), when the air quality is not healthy to be outside and if we are all soaked and cold from the rain. Otherwise,  there is no such thing as bad weather, and we learn to adjust to different climates!

  3. Do you have part time options? Yes, we offer 2x a week or 3x a week based on your needs.

  4. Do you have subsidized tuition? We do for ages 0-5 from our First Five grant. We are an organization that will NOT turn your family away if you are in need of extra subsidization. Contact me if you would like to join, so we can make sure every family can enjoy our programs!

  5. I start work earlier then 8, Do you have an early drop off option? Contact me individually and we will work through your needs. 

Clubhouse Afterschool

~3:00 pm-5:30pm

  1. Do you have transportation from schools to Play Adventures? Unfortunately, we do not. However,  we are working on a carpool list so we can organize amongst the parents a rotation. Fill out this form if you are interested in being part of our car pool rotation.

  2. Do you have part time options? Yes, we offer 2x or 3x a week.

  3. Your program starts at 3, what about early dismissal days and schools that end earlier? We will open for afterschool when the earliest school's dismissal begins. Once your child is done with school they are welcome to join us!

  4. What about changing elements? See above for answer to this common question.