Clubhouse Programs 2022-23


Preschool Forest Program , Ages 2-6 Years Old:

Our Preschool Kinder 'Forest Program' is one of a kind. Children are encouraged to let curiosity lead their explorations and discoveries.  Research has proven time and time again that time spent outdoors, in self-directed play and participation in multi-age groups allow children to build a foundation to support their emotional and social development. These and other benefits of a Forest School are key to self discovery, agency and resilience. Our program will help your children find their inner voice and become more aware of their interests.  Each child is supported by adults who are trained to see individual capabilities and growth. The children assess and challenge themselves continuously while teaching peers and learning from one another. The adults are there to support the child's play needs.


Four tenets guide our academic and philosophical goals: I am Capable; I am part of the Environment; I am part of a Culture; and  I am Curious. These tenants provide a strong sense of self and the ability to discover intrinsic motivation, develop conflict resolution skills, connect to their environment, be conscious and respectful of others, build confidence, and most importantly to practice emotional and social skills appropriate for this stage of development, through what kids do best- PLAY.  


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New Sliding Scale Payment Option. Can you add to our scholarship fund on a monthly or one time basis? Instead of $750 can you pay $950? Monthly, Play Adventures contributes over $3800 to families in need of discounts. If you want to support a family once or on a monthly basis let me know and I will share another payment link- this will go directly to our SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

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Forest Full Week

Half day

Drop In

Hours: 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Monthly Cost: $800

Registration Fee: $150 per child

Includes camps

Hours: 8:00 am - 12:00pm or   12:00-4:00 or 2-3 days

Limited spots available.

Monthly Cost: $500 

Registration Fee: $150

Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00pm

Drop in Cost 

Half Day​= $30

Full Day=$50

*Drop in spaces are limited.

Enroll and then continue to payments to hold you spot!


Forest Program

Monday - Friday

8:00 am-4:00 pm

  1. Do I need to pack my child a lunch and snacks? YES,  pack your child with sufficient food for the day. Remember that playing outside takes a lot of energy so pack more than usual. 

  2. We love the outdoor program but what happens in extreme elements i.e. smoke, heat, rain? That is a great question! We ask that our children come with rain gear and change of clothes for wet and messy play. However, We will go inside when the heat is too extreme (over 100 degrees for a couple of hours), when the air quality is not healthy to be outside (AQI of 100 and more) and if we are all soaked and cold from the rain. Otherwise,  there is no such thing as bad weather, and we learn to adjust to different climates!

  3. Do you have part time options? Yes, we offer half day AM, or half day PM as well as drop ins based on your needs.

  4. Do you have subsidized tuition? We are a part of ACCESS and are willing to help you through this process. We are an organization that will NOT turn your family away if you are in need of extra subsidization. Contact me about your needs, so we can make sure every family can enjoy our programs!

  5. I start work earlier then 8, Do you have an early drop off option? Extended Child Care 30 minutes before drop off hours and after pick up hours is at an additional cost of $50 a day. Schedule and confirm days in advance. 

  6. Does my child need to be toilet trained?  We do require children to be toilet trained and will handle "misses" with reminders and extra help. 

  7. My child still needs a nap, Do you have a nap time? Yes, we make accommodations for children who need naps and offer a routine nap time if needed. (This is dependent on the children's individual and group needs)