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A Simple Day 40

Day 40 4.24.20

I love it when games I have the kids have played in previous days come back and take on a new level. It's as though I don't really need to be there at all says the playworker who believes that's the ideal, the tired mom and the gross living quarters (if they could talk they would write "Clean Me" on the window).

Today was a chill day. It was one when the kids did homework till 10:30 Then we were supposed to go for a walk and drop off thank you cards for gifts that friends dropped off for Leeor but just making them was so much fun (thanks to George the pig) that we didn't have time to go before it was already lunch time.

Then they got into another game outside using play dough and didn't come in for lunch till everything was already cold. I wasn’t mad for two reasons:

Their laughter was infectious and it was so nice to hear, also because I started to eat alone and didn’t get up even once while eating my meal. Not for water or a napkin or anything else. Splendid!

When they came in to eat, I sat with them.

Then I gave them an option: 1. help me clean the house or 2. go outside for two hours and do not come back in unless you need to drink or use the bathroom. Guess which one they chose?

I cleaned the whole house without interruption listening to my music- (no butt songs).

Outside it got pretty hot, and they made the blue container pools again, the high slide from the platform and I saw Tom reading in the hammock. The girls talked about playing family. “I'm the grandma and I'm really old and I can hardly walk!” I heard Leila say. They have three very healthy grandparents (one great grandma) so, not sure where she got that but I liked her pretending to be old. She hunched over and walked slowly.

When they finished with the water play I knew they were going to want to bathe so I left that for last to clean and left a towel by the door .

When they finished bathing, I told them they couldn't leave their rooms until they were dressed, the rooms were cleaned and the floors outside their rooms were dry. After I finished washing I just sat and drank water- I really, really let those floors dry! It was lovely.

Now they are outside again, excited about their nighttime movie viewing.

What a casual day. After some time for allowing children to play their way they get into a rhythm and the play flows so nicely. Sometimes games return or develop into more serious games. After a few days of Play Adventures'

camps we see this happen as well. The kids get to know one another and that’s it. They are continuously playing.

I have but one picture to share with you today. I guess here we were testing pain or boredom (yes, he is doing the dishes):

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