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Playing in the Rain 4.6.20

Let's begin this with a quick excerpt from WEBMED:

“Can being cold or wet cause you to get sick?


Getting chilly or wet doesn't cause you to get sick. (For the full article)

Now that we have covered that we can continue.

Why is it beneficial to let your kids play in the rain?

  1. Although us adults may prefer to stay dry, have you ever met a child who does not want to jump in a puddle? By jumping in puddles, in the rain, children learn to respect and connect to nature deeply. (See our short movie about jumping in rain)

  2. They learn to navigate slippery terrain hence working on their motor skills.

  3. They learn from their senses. Most of us can detect rain because there is a smell in the air before it arrives. Some of us love the squishy feeling of the wet, muddy earth. Have you ever opened your mouth to taste a raindrop? Have you noticed the different sizes of the raindrops or hail (probably avoid playing in the hail)?

  4. We may observe how the rain properties interact with other parts of nature and physics concepts. Where does the water collect? Can we redirect the flow of water? How do plants change after a rainfall? How much sun is needed to dry the ground? Why do more worms surface? This can all be investigated by playing outside in the rain.

  5. Respect the power of nature. We can obviously see the difference between a drizzle and a torrential downpour. We can hear, and see the difference and dangers of a storm with thunder and lightning. We then are more aware of when it is responsible to go out in the rain and when we should avoid it.

  6. The rhythmic sound of rain it creates on the roof, or in a bucket. It's musical. Enjoying drinking tea and staying warm under the awning and listening to the pitter patter.

  7. Lastly, we learn responsibilities when coming in from the rain. Probably best to prepare a towel, a warm bath, and a change of clothes. They will need to leave the mud outside or clean up the mud they dragged in. Remember, kids from a young age love helping with this, let them even if you might do it quicker and more effectively!

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