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Silence to breathe

I have decided to take a week off from blogging because of recent events. I do not want my posts to be entering your feed while there are many more important voices to be heard right now.

We have two very serious pandemics happening right now.

Racism and Covid. They are so very different but also in need of systematic change.

This post is full of links on how to talk to your children about racism and fear.

You can use play, arts, writing and music to help them through this time to help better understand their own emotions on whatever level you plan to talk to them.

How to talk to your kids about racism, supportive books and links based appropriately on development in one spot.

from the NYTimes

From Parenting Magazine:

Black Lives matter's reading list of books for children and families

Black parents talking to their kids about the Police

A quick video about systemic racism- some kids will be able to process this (ages 8 and up)

A kids book about Racism

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