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The Endless Clean Up- Day 47

Day 47 5.1.20

How many times did you clean up today? How many times was it your mess? A collective mess? Or your kids mess? Does it matter? How many times did you nag?

I am an amateur gardener if you've ever seen one. I admit that I have a very black thumb. I kill almost everything. When my generous neighbor left me clippings of her geranium I was so excited to add something that wasn't a loose part to my backyard. I also really do not want to kill them.

I was told how I should plant them and I did just what she said (they look dead already). She also gave me some succulents, which she basically said I could throw on the ground and they will grow, but also said that if I plant them even better. So I did. Straight in the sun thinking they are just like cacti and can handle a ton of light.

I probably planted them in the worst possible spot. A quick look online and I was not surprised to see that I should most definitely move I did! Annoying? yes! Lesson learned? Probably not!

#1 Then I cleaned everything up and put everything away..ugh

#2 Then I started to clean up the kids ‘loose parts’ area which was a total disaster. I asked for help but I was ignored. So I said (I love this line):

“Remember that when you ask me for something like screens, I may not want to say yes.”

They ignored and continued playing but I, well, I remembered. (ha ha ha ...evil laugh)

Don't get me wrong? I love loose parts, they are great for play but are very messy. On an adventure playground I don't mind it because that is where play should happen but my backyard needs to be both. Somewhere I can inhabit without feeling depressed because of the mess, as well as where play happens! I adamantly love loose parts because the amount of variables in an environment are directly correlated to the amount of creativity. They must be there. But I also like to spend a lot of time outdoors and it needs to be aesthetic too.

I am very proud about how organized and clean it looks. And so far the geraniums live.

#3 Right to lunch. I made lunch, emptied the dishwasher, set the table called everyone at least three times to come and eat and then sat down to eat myself. You know those days when you can plead as much as you want for help or for them to listen but they are sooo into the games they are playing (or so into ignoring you- one of the two). I can’t help but let them get away with it. Sometimes, when you are exhausted it is better to do it yourself than be aggravated at the kids. Normally they clean up after every meal, today, instead, they ran outside to play more.

#4 After an hour of more playing outside and me taking my time to organize the Tupperware shelf they came to ask for screens. And I said excitedly on the inside, and sternly to them:

“Remember when I asked you to help and no one came to help, and when I asked you to come put your plates in the dishwasher and you ignored me and kept playing. Well, now there are no screens”.

Immediately they began helping, put the dishes away swept, washed the table, swept outside and finished cleaning the outdoor area- they even picked up all the Nerf bullets from the grass. They got screens! And I got an orderly outside!

# 5 Then I used the Miter saw to cut some logs to make tree discs for more natural loose parts. I cleaned up my mess from that too!

We haven't even made it to dinner or the piles of laundry to fold. But for the night I have retired!

Don't you love cleaning up all day long?! At least I feel accomplished and only a tad worked up (an evening walk has become my new thing to unwind).

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