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TRUST in Childcare- DAY 60


When we are collectively receiving conflicting information from our government and from scientists who also happen to be democratic, the fight becomes not knowledge based but partisan based or even belief based.

What do you believe and what are the guidelines you are following? Wear a mask in public? Don't gather? Gather but sit 6 feet away? Stay 6 feet away and wear a mask, wash your hands, take your temperature, don't meet with people who are forced to use non-recommended means in order to make a financial contribution to the family's existence (essential worker or not).

Which media do I trust? Which is Fake News? Will I only read scientific based articles and learn to understand the graphs? How do you choose who you trust?

Trust is an extremely important aspect of choosing child care, it always has been but now its even more important to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our children give us signs all the time of their discomfort, need for embrace, attention, or stress. It's your choice if you listen to these signs (well first learn to decipher them) or you sometimes painfully cant because you have to make a logical decision. The difference can be very hard to navigate and impossible decisions sometimes have to be made to survive.

As a child care provider in some form of the meaning, I wonder how to make sure that you can trust the decisions I make to adhere to safety guidelines due to the pandemic. I thought Id share with you so far.

This is what my decisions have been so far...

My family and I have been quarantined for 60 days with the exception of weekly supermarket shopping. I have been racking my brain on how to help families in this time period and still provide them with content and intrigue from afar. First I started a daily blog. In these writings, I give content on the philosophy that guides me, what my children and I did during the day, and sometimes I rant about the need for change.

One of my initiatives during this time has been the IDEA BOX, which made its debut May 6th.

Before I made the IDEA BOXES I washed my hands each time. Delivering the IDEA BOX I wore a mask and stayed 6 feet away, even though I really just wanted to run and give you all hugs! Better safe than sorry.

The camps I am proposing to open will largely be based on CDC approved guidelines. We will be outdoors and using water features to stay cool. Assuming gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed, we will abide by all the safety measurements needed to keep your children and families safe. We now know that the death rate of this virus is under 1% and that kids and adults up to the age of 40 are at low risk. If we were to get the virus we will most likely recover. That's great news but we still don't want to get sick.

Making an educated decision about where and if to send your child to our program or any program for that matter should be based upon whether you trust the person and if you believe in similar values to guide you. Personal situation and comfort level are additional obvious aspects that will help make the final decision. I want you all to know that whatever decision you make about child care will be the right decision for you and your family. I am willing to discuss and help reach a decision together about all programs (not just mine).

Today most of the morning we played: Ice cream, soda, cherry on top...jump rope. The kids did a lot of jumping today, I got hit in the face with a rope many times today.

It's been fabulous! Shahar brought home dried ice from his lab and the kids played with the reactions in water and in soapy water. Unfortunately I don't have a picture. They also spent a lot of time drawing today.

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