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What to expect when expecting the worst

6.15.20 Day 92 (Since we are no longer in lock down I will stop the count)

Most of us are still at home, itching for one more moment of social interaction. As I stated, I love being at home with my children watching them learn and play. Their games have evolved and they can easily discuss their ideas of play as well as actively play. Their most famous games right now include: building castles and horse stables, they play restaurant and make a menu, make us food, write down our orders, while one of them plays the helper (sous chef) which is ultimately is one of them acting like a dog. They talk often about school and their school friends. My youngest age 3.5, is starting to forget the names of her friends. My six year old talks about wanting to see "even the friends that she doesn't like at school". My 10 year old plays outside for a lot of the day, swinging, riding, chasing our neighbors puppy and many more physically active play scenarios. Every now and again he joins the girls for a pretend, imaginary play game which he ultimately gets bored of and leaves them to it.

After enjoying watching them play for some time I think: "When is this over? ...Only a couple of more months till school starts again, phew and yippee!" While at the same time thinking, I better make a home school curriculum just in case too. I don't think I will follow the school district curriculum as I would rather do my own with less screens and more play and learning through doing.

Here is the latest in schools returning this Fall- a summary of multiple articles:

  1. They are planning on sitting children 6 feet apart

  2. Having them wear masks

  3. Wash hands ceremoniously

  4. Some more at risk teachers will not come back to teach in classrooms

  5. Alternating recess times and possibly no playgrounds

  6. Eating lunch at your desk

  7. Possible school closure again

  8. No events or assemblies

This is not what we know, and despite all of the problems with the past school philosophies of teaching and learning, I'm pretty sure we are going to have to be patient as we all figure this out. How will that effect our children though? They need consistency. Maybe its best to keep them at home

The answer to how this will effect them is: Nobody knows!

So, How do we plan?

  1. Have a contingency plan!

  2. I hope to quarantine with a few selected circle of friends or family, so I am not as alone, agreeing on certain essential needs and risks that suit you all.

  3. Make a co-op with the same circle mentioned above making sure you have a rest from being at home either for yourself, for time to work or rest or anything you want to do without kids around. Simultaneously, knowing your kids are being taken care of. You can rotate based on work/needs of the families.

  4. Splurge on gear that works in all weather so that being outside wont have to stop when the rain falls. Being outdoors is a lower risk when we gather. I am already setting up my backyard for this.

  5. Work on a curriculum that your children would love to learn. Just because the don't learn their proclaimed grades curriculum does NOT mean that they shouldn't learn. Why not make it more fun and do the learning that interests them. I know this is easier said then done but follow me for pointers when and if the time comes. My daughter is very interested in anatomy physiology, my son is very interested in the lives of animals. I'll throw in some geography, reading, writing, language and art whenever I can in relationship to their interests- project based.

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