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What would you do? Day 46

Day 46 4.30.20

If you look back two months ago, remember, what were you doing on Mondays? Tuesdays? And so forth.

  • What was your routine?

  • Did you take your child to soccer or gymnastics, piano or art class?

  • Was there any day of the week that was more relaxed or had no extra curricular activities? When you just came home and had no obligations other than dinner and bedtime rituals?

  • How did you spend your time?

  • What were your main priorities?

I know I am at an advantaged point even to be thinking and reflecting on this right now. I don’t know anyone sick, my family is doing well and playing nicely together (mostly! We are normal and they DO fight) and we have an income.

If you were to chart out the difference between then and now and think of:

  • What are the main aspects of your life that you would return to normal (the ones you actually have control of)?

  • What are the things you would keep from the lock down period?

  • Have your priorities changed?

  • How will you spend your time when this is over (or at least when lockdown is finished)?

I know a lot of you put trust in the education system, but that's going to change (and honestly should’ve changed at least a decade ago)

I know you depend on afterschool care (but it is so important to have professional, thought out, philosophized programs for your children like Play Adventures- wink wink!)

How often did your kids play freely outdoors? How often now?

I now see more kids outdoors in the neighborhood than I have ever before and it's glorious! It doesn't matter the reason. Whether it is because:

  • If they don't go outside right now then you might just open the window and punt them out- that’s fine ( fine to feel that way- no punting please)!

  • If you always thought it was okay to send them outside because you believed they could be independent outdoors and they were ...or

  • If it's happening now only because up until now there wasn't enough time before, due to our over-scheduled routines or another reason.

The point is they are outside now, playing outside in the neighborhood. Secluded but outside! I never knew how many kids were actually on the block!

What do you think now?

I know public spaces need to be more friendly to families and children- which includes roads and street use.

I know the education system with all its pluses must be innovative and create smaller classrooms, more play time for relieving stress and coping, and more options for children to thrive with different electives.

I know we need to support our teachers more and create more jobs. Maybe that should happen within our schools to accommodate smaller classrooms, more specific learning strategies and more choices.

I know you can't give small businesses loans without their being customers to support them otherwise they will just go through all that money prior to being open.

I know we will see an increase in poverty and a need for a health care system that can care for all of the citizens no matter their race, color, origin or citizenship (they are still people)!

I know we have to look out for our Earth and continue to effectively make changes that contribute not to the individual but to all of us as inhabitants here.

So, without really wanting to go into all of the bigger questions of the world at large and the changes that will or will not occur,and the policies that I believe will make a difference…

What would you change in the microcosm of your world? Do you have new priorities?

Our Day 46

Again today our day was mostly free play outside with water play, bicycles and outdoor time! Sorry no recommendations for today except MAKE SURE they are OUTSIDE and make sure they are PLAYING how they choose- try to say yes to their initiatives! We need creativity right now!

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