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Clubhouse School
  • Preschool Kinder Forest Program- Outdoor-based learning through child-directed play. Part time now available!

  • Clubhouse afterschool Program! Part Time options now available!

  • "My Adult and I" Program Check out Programs!

We are now part of ACCESS!

Subsidized Child Care  

Through the looking glass we see kids cooperating, taking turns and taking a ride

Outdoor Adventure Learning

We offer full day and after-school play-based educational programs in an outdoor environment. 

Our programs are always tailored to the children participating, and morph based on our close observation of  their intrinsic motivation and exploration. Through story telling and play we promote social and emotional learning. By providing participants the opportunity to explore at their own pace, level, and interest, children develop cognitive skills. Based outdoors, we encourage healthy physical movement, are stimulated by the natural environment and its seasons. Our whole-child program believes in your child, their capabilities, and their full potential.

Learn about the Clubhouse, it's guiding philosophies and the team that runs it.

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Join the PACS team and be a part of providing a unique, meaningful learning experience to the children of Merced.

Peak Inside The Clubhouse

Digging in the sand with pieces of wood

“[Children have a natural] zest for life, a drive to discover and create and re-create, a passion for discovery and invention to master the world, understand it, and experience it at first hand, to push the boundaries of the known and find out the flavor of newness. Watch children at play and you will see this in action.”






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