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Staff trained to support your child

Playworkers are the staff that work on an adventure playground who support play with minimal intervention. They are concerned with:

  • "Creating play opportunities that enable children to pursue their own play agenda    

  • Enriching the child's world by providing opportunities  for experimentation and exploration. 

  • Creating environments that address the negative effects of play deprivation and play bias.   

  • Develop appropriate responses for play cues.   

  • Facilitate opportunities for children to develop a sense of self.   

  • Introduce flexibility and adaptability into play environments in order to enhance the prospects of children achieving their full potential." (Brown, Fraser)

Play Environments

and Play Opportunities

Playworkers recognize that young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities.

Play Frame, Play Cues

and Interference

Playworkers watch for a child’s play cue and support their play without judging or guiding it. The interference of an adult will take these magical opportunities away from the child's growth, development, and basic extinct.

Reflection and 

Changing Environments

Playworkers are constantly reflecting, analyzing play experiences, interpreting play cues, reflecting on personal behaviors, judgements, stereotypes and changing environments to help create self-directed and free play opportunity for all kids.

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