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Reflective Playwork: For All Who Work with Childrenork

By: Jackie Klivington

This is the ultimate guide to playwork and working with children. No matter how long I've been working with children the importance to constantly be reflecting on their actions and your own is crucial to understanding their needs. We use this guide in our reflective practice and strongly recommend it for anyone who works with children. 

Play And Playwork: 101 Stories Of Children Playing

By: Frasier Brown

This is the book I use constantly to reference the importance of play. There is no better way to describe and reiterate the benefits of play through stories.  After years of working with KOOP I now have my own stories to tell to demonstrate its importance. 

Evolutionary Playwork

By: Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes is an advocate for free play  as a necessary and crucial part of  development. Famous for his description of play types this book is all that is essential for your play  inquiries. 

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