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Partnership Possibilities

Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity, and is fundamental to the healthy development and well-being of individuals and communities. It is our objective to help create numerous outreach efforts that will increase visibility of the playful community, one that is attractive to young families by providing them with ample play opportunities for children and youth.

The core philosophies that guide me and my work are children's self-directed play, the adventure playground idea, the playwork philosophy and loose parts, and it is these values that I would like to bring to the city. My mission is to create a playful community, by advocating for and implementing an array of child-led play opportunities for its younger citizens. In addition, by doing this we will help create a society of children with bold, free thinkers and those who have the confidence to implement their interests and motivations.

My proposed vision aims to integrate different working entities within the city with the core value of self-directed play for children and youth.

To do this I plan to open a center that inspires the natural yearning for discovery. An adventure playground will be one of the main aspects of this center, where the focus is 100% on open-ended play and every decision is made in reference to the philosophy and mission. It will also include other play initiatives that are informed by playwork approaches by maintaining the open-endedness of materials, low-interventionist support methods by adults but have a fundamental goal of the play program at hand. Like: Fab lab, makers space, game room, lego robotics, wood working shop, etc…

There are many possibilities for partnerships within my field of expertise. Let's Talk and together we can make substantial strides towards a healthy, thriving community. 


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