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Birthday during Quarantine

There are a few ways to make a birthday special for your kids during quarantine.

Here are a few ideas we put together Here you can find out what we did!

Creative opportunities to celebrate chose one or more and let us know which you have chosen:

1. Parade past our home! We will be outside on the front lawn at X o’clock. You can drive by and yell out birthday pleasantries

2. Zoom play date. I would invite no more than 5 friends and you can either dance to go noodle, play Minecraft or Roblox together on a server or a tea party, organize crafts that each family will have...choices are endless.. You can sing happy birthday and make a wish on a cake and then say thank you and goodbye. I wouldn't give this more than an hour.

3. At X o’clock Let us parade past your house!

4. Send a card! We love getting mail and would love to write back!

5. Send a digital birthday greeting to our/her/.his email:

6. Present Scavenger hunt with clues!

Please R.S.V.P and let us know how you would like to participate! Looking forward to giving this child lots of smiles from lots of friends on their birthday. Thank you!

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