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Fantasy Day 71

Day 71 5.25.2020

Often times I fantasize about how my future will be. It normally involves searching for cabins in the woods that are way out of my budget but thinking up innovative ways, nonetheless that this CAN become a reality (like buying it with three couples that would share the space or work around a schedule- anyone interested?) I look at whimsical gardens and realize if only I didn't have such a black thumb. Yes, at one point I thought my Bermuda grass overtaking my vegetable garden was carrots. Well, I imagined it was carrots and then destroyed my inaccurate prediction by asking you guys on Instagram. (In my heart I knew it was too good to be true). Occasionally, I am satisfied when my idea comes into fruition like the Clubhouse (too short lived). I dream of buying an old bus and transforming it into an RV. I dream of community and shared values. I know I may sound naive but these are just fantasies that I enjoy dreaming of and planning with excel sheets and budgets.

When children fantasize they imagine many different stories. Disney and my kids often play games where the parents die in some tragic event. This is not based on any past experience but it is based upon their biggest fear. It also gives them an opportunity to be in charge of their world (with no parents in charge they get to be the boss). This doesn't mean their play will happen but often the pretend or imaginary play they play out are predictions of future lives based on what they have encountered in their families and the cultures of the past.

Lately, I have been fantasizing most about Play Adventures. The center I envision is based on this compound of a house for sale in Merced (hint hint - anyone have an extra $750,000 sitting around, the correct city connections to make this a commercial real estate, oh and building permits) . I imagine a co-op of artists of all kinds working together to make, design, produce, fabricate a space for creation. Creation for us adults to use equipment we otherwise have given up on because of the expense but also to engage our youth and children in creative expression and dare I say, learning by doing. Of course there would be an adventure playground but there would also be a space to create, to act, to sing, to stamp, to screen print, to collage, to paint, to mold, to do carpentry, to do whatever your creative, innovative minds and bodies wants. Maybe it would develop into a school.

I think it would be an amazing space, an amazing inclusive, welcoming space. I am putting it out there in case a few of you want to contribute to building a place like this- either in like minded ideas, monetary or talents.

Like children I will continue to fantasize and play out my ideas. I think I will eventually make this happen. If I put it out there enough!!!

Where does this picture take you?

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