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Self Care! CRAZY! How?

Have you ever had one of those days that you are so annoyed at everything your kids do, that you feel like pulling out your hair, locking yourself in your room or just crying.

Well, you are not alone. Honestly, I'm just so physically and emotionally tired. With no end in sight. My sleep has been mostly awake time either because of crazy dreams or the kids coming in and out of our room crying, being scared, being cold, needing water, wanting snuggles...Of course they can't all do it at once. They do it only once I finally fall back to sleep from the first visitor.

I think I watched the clock go by. It felt like an hour but it was only three minutes. I just wanted today to end.

We all know what we could do to make our stress or anger decrease to better function levels. We have probably neglected a few self care methods. Have you neglected your own needs or gotten out of productive feel good activities because well, how?

My advice to me is GIVE MYSELF A BREAK. And then PUSH and get back into it. I can say that for days/weeks until something clicks. Something happens that makes it impossible for me not to return to the things that make me feel good. Find a friend that inspires you!

I spoke to a friend this weekend. She is a really good friend who I barely talk to at this point(she lives in AZ) but I always have seen her as a mentor. She has a few years on me and has this look on life and herself that I value. She makes decisions and does. Something I have always struggled with. She tries and loves it and then moves on to the next thing she loves. She can inspire you to be the best you. I relate to her not because i think at all like her but the decisions she makes for herself are often very useful for me so I try them too. Some I love and keep up and some I don't. But I try because she inspires me to try. She is the one who inspired me to start learning more about adventure playgrounds and she inspired me to change eating habits...She relays a confidence in decision making that most only wish to pretend they have. She is intelligent and fun. I love her.

Today is the day something clicked. Probably because I felt bad today but mostly because our conversation yesterday sank in, I will try. Let's hope tomorrow you read in my blog about some sort of self care method. And if not, well, I will try the next day. It's ok!

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