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Day 12 & 13 3.27 & 3.28.20


There is something about writing a daily blog that puts time in a perspective. Without it I fear I would not know what day it is, how long we have been confined and what we’ve been doing.


Friday was one of those days where there was no need for a schedule. Once the kids got into doing something then they just went from one activity to the next. When they are accustomed to this freedom and choosing their paths the play becomes much more natural and fluid. 


I spent the morning working on a few things- you might have noticed our newsletter. What's happening with Play Adventures? Well we started the Sidewalk Community Challenge, Gimme a Break on Fridays with me and my kids via live zoom, the IDEA kit delivered sterilely to your door and you can learn about ways to help us support you. 

 The day started with 

9:00 Science dad where they explored bubbles.

When I joined them they were busy making habitats for the skinks that they found digging in our back yard. We found grubs, worms, skinks and rolleypolleys! They had them in jars but wanted to make a bigger habitat and to put the skinks together. So, I gave them a big tupperware tub. The cover was too thick and cracked when they tried to make holes and after some time the skinks got out so they decided to stop and release everything back into nature. 


Then 3 families came to try our sidewalk community challenge and they all agreed to begin it on their sidewalks. Maybe our neighborhood will win the block party!? We stayed separate from one another and were excited to speak to other humans outside of our home. 


Tom wanted to blow up his volcano since it dried. I was at the supermarket and bought mint mentos and diet coke. Unfortunately it did not work. Our guess is it didn't work because of the size of the opening. In a coke bottle it works. And it's much higher so the only difference is the size of the spout. 

After cleaning up they watched a movie and we had a zoom call with friends. Nice way to start the weekend. 

Saturday we cleaned the entire garage and made an indoor gymnastics type gym for them. They have been using it non stop and leeor claimed we are the best parents for making it (she might've said something else shortly after but right now we will remember the former) 

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