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Play Adventures constantly strives to create a space   that empowers your child's focus and encourages exploration of their interests, motivations, and strengths. Our developmental approach comes from Playwork in Europe, which focuses on the growth and development of all children by supporting their ideas in a non-judgmental way and encouraging their capabilities    and sense of self through play. 

All our available programs and services are listed below. See what might be right for your child and book a tour - we would love to meet you! Spaces  fill up quickly, so get in touch now!

1. Preschool Forest Program 2024-25

Our outdoor Preschool is one of a kind. Children are encouraged to let curiosity lead their explorations and discoveries. We are guided by four tenets:  I am Capable; I am part of the Environment; I am part of a Culture; and I am Curious. These beliefs provide a strong sense of self and the ability to discover intrinsic motivation, develop conflict resolution skills, connect to their environment, be conscious and respectful of others, build confidence, and most importantly to practice emotional and social skills appropriate for this stage of development, through what kids do best - PLAY.


Financial assistance available. We accept ACCESS (childcare government subsidies )

Hours of Operation:

Preschool  12:00PM- 5:30PM $800

Part Time 3X weekly 12:00-5:30PM $550

Suited for Kids Aged:

Ages: 3-5

(showing toilet training ready)

Spaces Available:



3Xweekly Preschool: $500 Monthly
Preschool 12-5:30PM: $800 Monthly


4. Community Pop Up Play Days

Pop Up Play Days are our own specialized community programs to inspire children's self-directed play, using loose parts. Children in these settings have the opportunity to think big, create big, problem-solve,  get motivated and socialize with a multi- aged group.  Families that attend observe their children playing their way; innovating, exploring and most importantly - having a blast!

Hours of Operation

Between 2-4 hours depending on the event

Suited for Kids Aged

0-100 (we have had college students and adults take part in creating)

Spaces Available

20 -120


$1500 per event 
No cost to the public

6. ‘Gimme a Break Nights'

An outdoor night experience for the kids while providing caregivers a much needed and much deserved break! These nights include an outdoor movie with sleeping bags and pajamas, Popcorn and dinner, nightsticks and a dance party! We offer multiple 'Gimme A Break Nights' throughout the year to families in our programs and beyond!

Hours of Operation

(Depending on season and sunset)

Suited for Kids Aged


Spaces Available



$30-$50 per child
Requested price $40

Financial assistance available

7. Professional and Parental Workshops

Play Adventures Team are a multi-credentialed, insightful team who have provided multiple workshops on topics like: 'Risk Assessment & Risk Taking', 'Storytelling', 'Outdoor based learning', 'Play- based Education', 'Unmet needs Not Bad Behavior', 'Process Art and Process Music', 'The Environment as an Invitation to Play' and much more... 

Hours of Operation

Evenings or conferences

Suited for Kids Aged

All Ages

Spaces Available

5 - 100



2. Clubhouse After-School Program

After a full day of school children get to be in control of a microcosm of their world. All day long the children need to listen. This is a part of their day where they are being listened to and heard. Children need  time and space where they are in charge of their play based on their interests and motivations to practice and develop a sense of self. Children of all ages come together and create, explore, inspire others and discover. They learn that they are capable and a part of a children’s directed community! 

We are now a homeschool vendor for TK & Kindergarten.
Through Monarch River and Yosemite Charter! 

Hours of Operation

After School until 5:30pm

Suited for Kids Aged

Ages: 3-12

Spaces Available



$400 per month 5 times a week
$250 Monthly Transportation fee
$390 per month 3x weekly with transportation

3. 'My Grown Up and Me' Program

An outdoor program for grownups and their infants and toddlers to discuss the trials and tribulations of parenthood. In this program we meet at parks and bring the children materials to explore while showing the parents how to allow children led growth, while creating a community of parents and caregivers in a similar place in their lives.

Hours of Operation

Three times weekly

Monday and Tuesday  9:30am-11:00am

Thursday 2-4pm

Suited for Kids Aged


Spaces Available



$3 a visit. 
Program subsidized by First Five
Starts again in November 27, 2023

5. 'Create Your Adventure’ Camp

Self-directed play in an outdoor environment using loose parts with the delicate support of play workers, trained to see your children's play needs! 

Children will have the opportunity to​:

  • learn to assess and take healthy risks

  • problem solve

  • practice life skills

  • socialize with a multi-age group

  • realize their strengths

  • connect with nature and

  • most importantly Play Their Way​

Self directed play benefits children on many fronts, such as: ​

  • Gain Freedom – they will learn to assess risk and exercise control.

  • Social Interaction– they will learn from peers older and younger than them in a multi age setting.

  • Creativity– They will use their imagination with the loose parts available.

  • Problem Solve– the clubhouse is an ideal space to try out different ideas, theories, and strategies.

  • Environmental Cognitive Stimulation– they will spend time outdoors and appreciate immersion in its natural elements .

  • Self Discovery– they will explore a range of different versions of themselves, and take ownership of each one

  • Emotional Equilibrium– they will play as a cop-ing method to reduce anxiety, and also as a way to understand their feelings and those of others

  • FUN– playing is exciting and riveting!

** And as Always at Play Adventures... STEAM Happens! **

Financial assistance available

Hours of Operation

Between 8:00AM-4:00PM

Suited for Kids Aged


Spaces Available



Sliding Scale: 
Tier 1: $30 One week on ACCESS
Tier 2: $150 per week MEMBER
Tier 3: $180 per week
Thanksgiving 3 day camp $120


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