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Day 15 3.30.20 Acceptance  (Read about what we did today)

Logically we all know it. We can not replace our children’s teachers nor are we meant to.  We have read it in Parenting Today the New York Times and on one hundred different platforms. Don’t worry right now about the children’s education because we are overloaded with information, stress and making sense of this while trying to stay calm and focused for our kids. 

I mentioned in another post about how feeling secure is most important but this generation of parents (maybe all generations) hold ourselves to extremely high standards. Knowing logically that we should relax doesn't always help us relax.  

According to “real” homeschoolers, those with many years experience, state that on average they teach academic subjects on average 2-3 hours a day.

 The rest of the day is intended for the kids specific interests be it dance, music, computer games, sports, acting, playing outdoors etc. 

Schools are set up differently in the sense that teachers have to accommodate large classroom sizes, children at varied levels while accommodating different learning styles. That doesn't even take into consideration the different lifestyles that children are raised in, be it economically, or parents' education (which of course are strongly correlated). 

Having one or 6 children on different developmental levels is still difficult but not when you have experience. 

Do you think all homeschoolers just ‘got it’ when they began? There is a learning curve like anything you are doing for the first time. I keep telling my daughter you must keep trying to succeed. I should take my own advice and I was a teacher! 

In this time, I would strongly recommend:

  1. Go easy on yourself.

  2. Play 

  3. Let them guide you based on what interests them and let them at it. 

  4. Play with them

  5. Worry less about the mess because you have nothing but time. That being said, we are all part of the household which means we all need to take responsibility for keeping the house somewhat clean and organized. 

  6. When they say they are bored then offer a nice activity or let them be bored. 

  7. Play

  8. Make sure they have social interaction from afar, in some shape or form.

  9. Make sure they spend a lot of time outside. Even if it is reading on the grass. 

  10. Play with them

  11. If you and your partner have to work and also take care of the kids, make sure you organize a schedule that works. Communicate and change it if it isn't working. 

  12. Play

  13. Take time for yourself. If it's a walk, playing a computer game, painting, reading or whatever it is you like to do. Make sure you do it!

Some days are going to be fabulous and other days are going to suck. This is life. We need to accept it if we want to keep living through this pandemic. 

To read about what we did today click here!

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