The IDEA BOX was created for your family, your classroom, your child, and for you!  The IDEA is that this box can entice many different play interests at different levels and ages, cultivating a community that prioritizes play in our children’s lives. We hope to partner with many supportive collaborators, in order for this box to become a unique and significant part of your household and classroom.

  • Every month we will send you a different IDEA BOX, including a special note to parents about our philosophy, and how to encourage self-directed play for their children.  Inside each box there will be something new, unique, and intriguing for your kids to discover. 

  • Play Adventures will curate various loose parts that will allow your kids to explore their creativity. I wonder... what you will make?

  • We are proud to introduce STEAM LABS! -  A collective of friends, family, and community partners who will contribute additional fun surprises into the IDEA BOX. Local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher learning will partner with us to deliver science experiments, tech innovations, art projects, or other educational activities with all the materials needed to test an IDEA.  And we are excited to begin producing and sharing entertaining videos that will provide guidance on working through the STEAM LAB activities.

Colorful Crystal

AUgust BOX

  • What treasures will you find in this IDEA box? Hint hint hint

  • Play Adventures invites you to Inspire, Explore and Play with the loose part contents of the IDEA BOX!

  • Our STEAM Labs community partners contributions are:

  • Sun Printing paper is in your IDEA BOX ! Make sure you don't expose the paper until you are ready. Talk to your kids about what is happening.

  • Art Project with water colors and traceable shapes found around the house. You chose the shapes!



  • Play Adventures invites you to Inspire, Explore and Play with the loose part contents of the IDEA BOX!

  • This July is special!! All of the JULY IDEA BOX proceeds will go to a local organization supporting systematic change of racism, A.F.R.O. Not only will you receive your IDEA BOX full of loose parts, a STEAM labs experiment and art project you will also be supporting local trailblazers who are fighting to create a society of acceptance without racism!

  • Our STEAM Labs community partners have added a very cool 3D nature picture art idea with the ability to add other natural elements that you find in your backyard(3 year old example in picture).

  • Our Science Labs experiment this month has to do with colors. Check out the tutorial!


June Box

  • Play Adventures invites you to Inspire, Explore and Play with the IDEA BOX!

  • Kid's Discovery Station, a STEAM labs community partner, introduces this simple paper helicopter is a great introduction to engineering for kids! This activity demonstrates gravity, drag and thrust.”

  • From local artist, Sol Gonzalez, a STEAM labs community partner,  sends an art invitation. In her tutorial she will show you one way to make stamps. (more details coming soon)


May Idea box

  • Play Adventures invites you to Inspire, Explore and Play with the IDEA BOX!

  • UC Merced Professor Sukenik investigates the ingredients for making Bath Bombs!

  • Mother's Day is coming up, but there's ALWAYS a reason to Give Love. Phoenix Creative Collective found you a super easy pop-up card tutorial to make and color for anyone you appreciate this month!

  • If you received a complimentary IDEA BOX this month, PLEASE take time to fill out our short feedback survey!  Help us spread the word about the BOX by telling your friends, taking pictures of your creations, or even making videos during your activities!

  •  And please don't forget to Share, Tag, and                   Mention the Play Adventures IDEA BOX on your social media!

Reusing, Re-Purposing, Making Treasures

Our boxes look a little funky and this is the reason why: We believe in saving trees one branch at a time so if that means we can use boxes that exist and not purchase we are doing another thing good for the environment!  But also..

The Art of Kintsugi:

The Kintsugi techniques suggests many things.  We shouldn't throw away broken, damaged or imperfect objects. There is a common saying that one persons trash is another persons treasure.  When an object is damaged it does not mean it is no longer useful. Its breakages can become valuable. Children can reuse the items many times until finally there are no more ideas.  We can try to repair things because sometimes in doing so we obtain more valuable objects and more valuable lessons. This is the essence of resilience.


Each of us should look for a way to cope with traumatic events in a positive way and learn from challenging experiences. Making the best out of an old, broken object or a rough time is what makes us each precious. 

If you see our boxes looking a little bent out of shape- use them in your creation- maybe they will be used for something unique.

Can't think of how to use them? That's fine, return them so they can be used again by another treasure seeker!


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