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My Background

My background is in special education, but after completing my B.Ed. and a few years of teaching I quickly realized that the classroom was not my domain; I belong outdoors. During my bachelor’s studies I became affiliated with “Etgarim”, an organization whose main purpose is to provide equal opportunities for those with disabilities by using extreme sports as a learning tool. I became an expert with ropes--building rope parks, ziplines, and more--while working with children who are at-risk, developmentally delayed or with Autism. This work sparked my interest in early childhood development and intervention for children at risk. I became the Director of Early Childhood at one of the largest community centers in Jerusalem. During this time, I completed my M.A. in NGO Management at the Hebrew University. I also established a Center for Children at Risk in partnership with the local community center, the Health Department, the Education Department and the Welfare Department (a first tri-partnership by these departments).

In the past few years in the United States I have become active in the Adventure Playground movement. I have founded and directed a nonprofit (501c3) called KOOP Adventure Play and studied to become an expert playworker. KOOP’s mission is to incorporate self-directed play with loose parts in and around our community, thereby cultivating a culture that values and expands on play opportunities for children and youth. Since founding KOOP in late 2014, I was asked to speak at a play conference in Ithaca NY about the intricates of play and playwork, began teaching play in a developmental course at the University of Illinois, am an active member of the Northern America Adventure Play Association (aka NAAPA), an advocate for children's self-directed play and most importantly their inherent right to a playful childhood and youth. I have written program plans, budgets, content, designed marketing materials, collaborated with different municipal, academic, and corporate entities, and have trained and supervised staff.

Work Experience

Guest Lecturer
University of Illinois
  • Created lectures about play as related to childhood physical, socio emotional and cognitive development

  • Led discussions on controversial topics of play in society.

  • Wrote assignments related to topics discussed.

Founder & Director
KOOP Adventure Play
  • Advocated and raised awareness of the importance of child-led play in our community

  • Implemented free community Pop Up play events encouraging self-directed play using loose parts

  • Created successful partnerships with the park district and local schools

  • Developed and Coordinated an Adventure Play After School program for the University Primary School

  • Established Adventure Play Camps for the local community during winter, spring and summer breaks

  • Held community forums about the importance of play and continued opportunities for all kids

  • Developed workshops for staff, teachers and parents of the community

  • Received non-profit status and continued seeking partnerships with the community

  • Lectured about the importance of play, adventure play and playwork

  • Consulted on playground needs and raised money for play kitchen, sand river and tunnel

 After School coordinator
University Primary School
  • Developed a project based curriculum giving the children the rights to decide on participation. 
  • Gathered 'Loose Parts' for the children to create, build, and manipulate based on their own motivations by making connections with companies for collection of ongoing donations 

  • Provided safe play opportunities for freely chosen, self directed, intrinsically motivated exploration by the children

  • Fostered playwork philosophy to support the play of children while interfering only when necessary

  • Involved parents in their children’s after school lives providing them with reflections, pictures and advice when needed

  • Responsible for afterschool budget and increased number of participants



MA in NGO Management
Hebrew University, Israel
  • Thesis topic examined the socialization of novice school principals in "failing" schools

B. Ed in Special Education
David Yellin College, Israel
  • Specialized in education for the severely disabled

  • Rudolph Steiner Philosophy teaching certificate


Microsoft Office - Advanced
Microsoft Windows - Advanced


Hebrew - Mother Tongue Level
English - Mother Tongue
WIX Editor - Mediocre


Playworker Certificate, 2016

Special Ed. Teacher Certificate, 2010

Rudolph Steiner Philosophy Teacher, 2010 

Zip Line Certificate, 2010

First Aid

Repelling Instructor, 2006

Rope Park Manager, 2006

Life Guard, 2002

Massage Certificate,2005

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