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Now What?


As of now Merced has reopened officially. Where does that put us in terms of COVID19?

Has the protests caused an increase in Covid 19 cases? Does it matter anymore?

Most people I know believe that the protests and civil rights movement outweigh the chance of getting sick with COVID19. It outweighs it because of its importance to humanity and our upcoming elections for systematic change but also because most of us are at low risk to get severe cases of COVID19.

Based on the literature and health guidelines how are you adhering or not to local suggestions and recommendations for staying healthy?

Today my 6 year old daughter finally had a breakdown about corona virus. Honestly, I thought it would happen sooner but it waited till today. She cried about missing her friends and her school and her principal. She missed her teacher and even classmates she wasn't friends with, she doesn't want to go to first grade and she wants to go back to the way things were.

I held her and listened.

Yesterday, she met a classmate for the first time in a long time. Today there were no play dates and that, I assume, triggered it.

Being at home has helped with many stress related struggles she had in school specifically around different social interactions. At home, she is confident playing with her siblings and managing conflict. The biggest disaster from this time period is lack of social interaction. I am glad we have virtual ways to meet, say hi or dance but that simply doesn't cut it for my 6 year old. This is a critical time for children of this age to practice their social interactions and understanding the thoughts and emotions of others.

So, now that restrictions have been somewhat lifted, this is our game plan.

  • My children will begin to have one on one outdoor play dates.

  • We will avoid going into other peoples house or into a closed space (except for a potty break).

  • We will wash our hands right when we get home.

WE have decided this because my kids need to interact with their friends. Heck, I need to interact with my friends. The risk of contracting the virus outdoors are significantly less and I get to enforce outdoor play time (double win)! Due to weather early morning or late afternoon may be best for this!

If you want to schedule a play, let me know and we will make it work!


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