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Today I delivered IDEA BOXes to local Play Adventures families who have shown an abundance of support not only to Play Adventures but to me personally. We have grown a nice following of people who believe in the idea of self directed play, the importance of play in childhood, the endless creative possibilities with loose parts, and a non interference philosophy allowing children to try, make mistakes, learn, explore and discover.

As Play Adventures looks to the future as so many small businesses today, we are unsure of what will be and how groups of kids will be able to play safely together again! We know that we are passionate and consistent and will find a way to make Play Adventures a must within and around our community.

I am a pretty good hustler, I love networking and meeting people and I love collaborating, partnering and sharing. I am a huge believer in the healing power of the outdoors and more so play in the outdoors. I know our schools could be better suited for this time period, for the different learners and various interests. I know the teachers are dedicated and loving (if you didn't know it before, you should know it now!) How many times has your child said ...I miss MRS. ________(sometimes Mr. too)?!

I know public spaces should consider if not prioritize the children. I know small improvements like sidewalks, slower traffic and (social distancing at the moment) are criteria to allow children safe access to the outdoors. I have never seen so many children playing outside before in neighborhoods? WHERE WERE YOU BEFORE?

This blog is a request for help to grow our audience!

How can you help?

  • Share our ideas, tag us (#playadventuresmerced), mention us (@playadventuresmerced).

  • Tell your friends about us (text them, email them, zoom them, whatever, just talk to them!)

  • Learn more about Play Adventures and the philosophy behind playwork (the ideas behind how supportive, non-judgmental adults see your children as full of potential, and are there to support their play needs, no matter what that may be!

  • Support us! Use our Patreon to see what Tier suits you and receive gifts, ideas and content!

  • HELP US ADVOCATE for children’s rights to play!

  • Find us a location so that when this pandemic does end- we can all play together!

Contact Naomi if you would like to be involved in any shape or form!

After delivering the IDEA BOXes, we all took a walk to find more sticks for arrows and a new bow ! The previous bow broke after two days of extensive shooting. On a walk alone with Leeor we spotted a huge pile of sticks that we wanted to share with Tom. Tom taught Leeor how to whittle to make her own arrows. Pretty cool- now she wants her own pink pocket knife.

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